maria and robert's perfect coffee liquer

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credit should be given to evie hare who perfected the original everclear based recipe.

by popular demand ;-P here it is:

sugar mixture

coffee mixture



For the vodka, use a good, moderately priced vodka. In the past we've used Russian vodkas and they've turned out pretty good. Stay away from cheap common vodkas like Potters, HRD, Monarch, etc. For brandy we're not sure what advice to give.. we've used a different brand almost everytime we've made our kahlua and it's turned out pretty good everytime. ;-) be sure to use real, pure vanilla extract.. imitation is not ok.

It's been said in beer homebrewing that when you're making homebrew, you need to be drinking beer while you're doing it. Same rule applies here. Make yourself and your friends a nice cold coffee liquer drink while you're making this recipe.

This recipe makes about 4-5 750mL bottles, depending upon how much liquid you let boil off.