Intel CPU detection in MacOS X

Don’t ask me what I was doing when I found this… 🙂 I just noticed that when you do a ‘strings’ on the MacOS X login application,, it does some CPU detection, and in part of that CPU detection it’s looking for Intel CPUs.

[] rose% pwd


[] rose% strings loginwindow | grep Intel

Intel 486

Intel x86

[] rose% strings loginwindow | grep Pentium


Pentium Pro

Pentium II

The Aqua/Quartz foundation that MacOS X is built on comes from OpenStep, which once ran on x86. I wonder if this is legacy, or if Apple is really planning something… (just feeding the rumor mill) ;-p

Hackers for peace

From BBC World Service… This conflict has seen a new breed of hacktivist, in the shape of pro-peace campaigners who have been joining pro-Islamic hackers and pro-American groups in expressing their grievances online.