PSP hits the 10 million mark

According to Sony, PSP sales have hit the 10 million mark. 4.47 million units in the US and Canada, 3 million in Asia and 2.53 million have been shipped in Europe. 19.6 million games and 15 million UMD videos have been shipped to date. I think this is an especially

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McDonald’s Monopoly: Odds of winning

McDonald’s has posted online here the odds of winning for their latest Monopoly game. I can’t believe this is legal. They advertise that you could win a Dodge Viper, but the odds of winning that prize are… you ready? ** 1 in 17.8 billion ** So basically, no one is

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Maria and I got a Chihuahua puppy last week. Before you laugh or make “rat dog” comments, please let me explain.. We had been looking to get a dog for months. We did a lot of reading about different breeds, and we narrowed the field down to Miniature Schnauzers and

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