Chain Letters and Ponzi schemes

My wife got a chain letter in the mail the other day from a friend. At first we weren’t really sure if it was a chain letter or not. Nether of us had ever seen one before, but it sure did sound like one when reading it. Of course, the

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Unboxing a MacBook Pro

A blog on zdnet has photos of unboxing a MacBook Pro. Part of me wants to say this is inconsiderate to future Mac purchasers… It’s a huge spoiler! If you’ve ever unboxed an Apple product in the last 3-4 years you know what I mean. Apple’s packaging is the best

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Removing Spyware/Adware/Malware

My computer was infected with a spyware/adware app a few months ago. Determined not to let another hacker “beat me” I set out to remove it on my own. After a couple hours discovering all the tricks adware use to stay on your computer, I finally got the damn thing

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Going HD

Thanks Steve for responding to my No more NTSC broadcasts in 2009 post from July. I’ve been on the mission for an ATSC tuner for some time. Yeah every couple of weeks I scout froogle and ebay for cheap ATSC tuners. I haven’t given up on this! 🙂 It looks

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The look of Dark Mirror

Wow, the press has some amazingly positive things to say about Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. GameSpot: “Dark Mirror is shaping up to be one of the better-looking PSP games we’ve seen” GameSpy: “Visually, it’s fairly evident that the Bend team has been putting their all into making the game one

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