Beastie Boys Movie

What do you get when you give 50 fans video cameras at a Beastie Boys concert? 1.5 hours of shakey, nauseating video. Or, you may prefer to call it the Beastie Boys movie. I went to go see it last night. I’m a big Beastie Boys fan so it was

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Get Vector Blaster free!

If you have a Symbian phone (Nokia Series 60 / N-Gage / Sony-Ericsson P9xx) is running a special right now where you can get a copy of my game Vector Blaster for free when you sign up for a ClickPayGo account.

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Did Microsoft screw up the Xbox 360?

According to the Xbox 360 forums the March Xbox 360 update is bricking 360’s left and right. after the update its frozen about 12 times… Mine keeps freezing, with white lines on the screen and a loud noise. Then recently started giving me the three red lights… A guy I

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Is Gilmore vs. Gonzales even relevant?

In Gilmore vs. Gonzales, Gilmore sued the government on the grounds that presenting identification at the airport violated his constitutional rights. He claimed that being required to present identification to board an airplane was unreasonable search and seisure (the court threw out his other claims). The court decided that presenting

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Senator Wyden: Equal Internet for Everyone

From OPB News: On March 2nd Senator Wyden (Oregon) introduced new legislation that would stop phone and cable companies from charging internet consumers differently depending on how they use their computers. He says a new fee structure — being discussed by the telecommunications industry — would fundamentally alter the Internet:

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