We did it again.

Dragon C2 returned to Earth this morning after 9 days in orbit with the International Space Station. Getting to the point where we could begin the mission was a tough journey.  Countless* late nights and weekends were spent at work going through every little detail.  (*I’m sure my super-amazing exceedingly-tolerant

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On the Importance of Hiring

These two articles have helped shape my thinking with respect to hiring and interviewing. They are written by software engineers for software engineers, but they should apply to any discipline. Yishan Wong: Hiring is number one (2009): Make hiring your number one priority, always… it is only once a culture

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Dragon is attached to the ISS

High-def video recorded from the ISS: Live recording of NASA TV from the last 30m to capture: Live recording of SpaceX webcast during launch through solar array deploy:

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