When Acrobat Reader freezes on startup

I just had a situation where Acrobat Reader was freezing up on startup. After searching, this page suggested the fix: delete all acr*.tmp files in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp. That did the trick. Acrobat had created 66,000 temp files for me. Yay. While searching, I also came across this page

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How to lose your job in 10 days

How? Be a mid-level employee at a big company and then make statements at a public conference that become taken out of context to make dramatic headlines like, “War on Terror overblown according to Microsoft“. The article even has a picture of the twin towers on fire next to the

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Use Google to fact check “Zeitgeist: The Movie”

BoingBoing recently posted a blurb about “Zeitgeist: The Movie”, a budget film* (I wouldn’t exactly call it a documentary) that “purports to tell the real truth about Christianity, 9/11, and the International Bankers.” I had to see what this was about! I couldn’t even get a minute into the movie

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