On the cost effectiveness of commercial space


The SpaceX Falcon-Dragon transportation system arguably represents the best investment NASA has ever made… The stunningly low-cost Falcon-Dragon system
represents much more than a rare bargain for taxpayers, in an era when
most such stories have a very different ending. It offers indisputable
proof that a new approach to space transportation can work far more
effectively than the old ways. It’s absolutely vital to keep the company
and the space transport system which has pioneered this path in the

Cycling with GP contact lenses

I’ve been getting back into cycling lately, and a few days ago when I was out on a particularly windy ride I was reminded of one thing I don’t look forward to when riding: dealing with my contacts.  I wear Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP or just “GP”) contact lenses, which are better optically than soft contacts or glasses, but they can make a little wind or dust feel like you’ve got a rock scratching the inside of your eyeball.  On this ride I was barreling down a busy road and right as I was getting passed by a truck some dust flew into my eye, my eyes teared up and I had to slam on the brakes for fear I was going to hit something.  Not fun.

So I did searching around the internets and learned about motorcycle sunglasses.  I went to a local motorcycle gear store and picked up a cheap pair of sunglasses that have a foam gasket around the inside.  They’re awesome!  I push them into my face and they form a complete seal around my eyes.  I don’t feel the wind on my eyes at all.  I just completed a ride with them and had no issues at all with wind or dust.


It seems obvious in retrospect, but I’m much happier on my bike now!  They’re a little warm when you’re not moving but it was no worse than working up a sweat with ski goggles on.  The trade-off is definitely worth it.