Mixed Feelings on 24Kpwn

The iPhone dev team announced a few days ago that the jailbreak technique they discovered for the 2nd gen iPod touch will likely work on the new iPhone 3G S. At first I was excited to hear about this.. If they can jailbreak it then it’s only a matter of

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Bork3D Game Engine for iPhone

I’ve decided to put the foundation I wrote for Anytime Golf up for sale. I’m calling it the Bork3D Game Engine. I think I can carve out a niche in the iPhone engine space for programmer-types with high expectations of the hardware that want a solid foundation on which to

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Anytime Golf now $0.99

My game Anytime Golf is now only $0.99! Although getting the word out about the game has been challenging (a lot more challenging than last year with my first iPhone game), folks who have found the game seem to have great things to say about it. Here’s a selection: “A

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Vector Blaster remix includes more awesomeness; cowbell

Mick Rippon, the guy who wrote the music for my iPhone game, Vector Blaster, just linked me to a remix he’s working on of the theme song from the game, “Tomorrow’s Mistake”. It’s teh awesome. And it includes what is essential for just about every musical endeavor: more cowbell! Link

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PSP Go hands-on

I got to play with the new PSP Go today at E3, here’s my thoughts. It’s small, and it’s thin. Like, cramp your hands thin. It’s obviously designed with little kids in mind. I think the space between the face and the back is less than a half inch. On

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