Free the maps

The Map Ransom project is trying to collect $1600 to make publicly available “56000 USGS maps.” I was really excited when I first read about this, but then I discovered that the maps being “liberated” are USGS Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) files. This is not exciting for two reasons: a)

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Dish Network Telemarketing

I’m on the federal do not call list, and I just got a telemarketing call from Dish Network. The conversation went something like: Me: HelloDish: Hello may I speak with Mr. Derick?Me: Who?Dish: I need to speak with the head of the household or whoever owns this home.Me: OK you’re

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Level 3 approached me yesterday…

I find this hilarious. Level 3 Communications – a top-tier Internet Service Provider – approached me yesterday by phone and email to see if I was interested in buying bandwidth from them. Here’s the email:Good afternoon, my name is XXX XXXXXX and I am a sales representative with Level 3

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