LCD Update

LCD update: Sony SDM-S74/B is next… My second try at getting an LCD will be the Sony SDM-S74/B from NewEgg. After the last fiasco with NewEgg I thought that they’d jumped the shark (did I mention that the hard drive I ordered showed up broken?) however their return process has

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LCD Woes

LCD woes: NewEgg said they would take it right back. Yay! I called Princeton Graphics and they claim that the monitor I got was defective. They claim that the brightness issues are a defect and that one dead pixel is also defective. The rainbow ghosting however I’ve learned is not

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New monitor

New monitor: Princeton Graphics SENergy 714… dissapointing I have a pretty nice flat panel at work and I guess I take it for granted. I bought this Princeton Graphics SENergy 714 from NewEgg because it met the same specifications as my display at work for $150 less. Lessons: 1) There’s

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Biometric Blogging

Biometric Blogging? Went to the eye doctor today, got a new prescription.. Lemme see if I can make sense of this scribbling: 4.75 – 50×22 4.50 – 75×158 Does that sound right? 🙂

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RSA Public Key / Private Key Encryption with OpenSSL

RSA Public Key / Private Key Encryption with OpenSSL You can do RSA (and DSA actually) on most unix systems without any additional software… No GPG/PGP required. It’s less than obvious however, as I couldn’t find any documentation that puts this all in one place. So here it is… Generate

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