Glad to be back on Firefox 2.0

I upgraded to Firefox 3.0 RC1 last weekend. That lasted about 36 hours… I didn’t really care for the new UI enhancements, and there’s no way to disable many of them. * Who’s idea was it to fundamentally alter the location bar’s behavior? Instead of working like an address bar

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Why not tax oil imports?

Clinton and McCain have proposed temporary gas tax relief for this summer. Obama is talking about a windfall tax on oil profits, which seems appropriate given Exxon’s record profits this year. Somehow through all of this the candidates are saying these plans will 1) give some financial relief to driving

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I’m disappointed in my MacBook Pro

Preface: This entry was hard for me to write. I’m not an Apple die-hard, but I do recommend Macs all the time to family and friends. In the past, Apple hardware has been reason alone to buy a Mac. I don’t believe that’s the case anymore. Something happened to Apple,

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