Apple’s iCal

I finally got around to installing iCal and playing with it.. Pretty cool. iCal syncs with your [Palm] PDA, iPod, Bluetooth enabled cell phone, and can publish calendar data on the web. iCal can also use the iCalendar protocol to synchronize with other calendar data that has been published on the web, so if you’re publishing your calendar on the web, other people can sync with you, and you can sync with other people that have published their calendars using the iCalendar protocol.

By default, iCal will publish to Apple’s pay-for-use .Mac servers (boooo), but you can specify your own web server to publish your calendar too, if that webserver supports the WebDAV protocol. If you’re like me and you want to do this yourself on your own webserver, check out the Apache based WebDAV HOWTO. Neato.

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