Better to control and regulate human cloning than to try to ban it

An article in The Economist about the ethical arguments of human cloning. I couldn’t agree more with the closing arguments:

To ban all cloning research, therapeutic as well as reproductive, as America proposes, is certainly a mistake… an indefinite ban on cloning research could have worse consequences than careful regulation… The goal of policy should be to ensure that research on cloning is conducted by those who know most about it, and about how to develop the technology, rather than by amateurs.

As the Transhumanists like to say, the future is coming whether you want it or not. It’s better to regulate and accept it than to fear it. I, personally, don’t want to live in a Do Androids Dream Electric Sheap future where people illegally obtain body clones and cybernetic modifcations underground from under-qualified doctors and experimentors.

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