Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

It’s almost 2am. I need to ping Cory some whuffie. (I’ve been a fan of his blog at for a couple months now, I feel like I know the guy and can call him by his first name ;-p ). Cory’s new book, Down and Out, is available online as a free ebook, and I can’t stop reading it.

Down and Out goes past the cyber-future that we all know and fear from Hollywood into a Disney-perfect world where, without death and disease, the post-human race still finds ways to get itself down. There’s a lot in this book that goes unsaid about where we are going as people. It’s highly entertaining and thought-provoking science fiction.

Nothing happened. I tried to keep the shit-eating grin off my face as nothing happened. No tone in my cochlea indicating a new file in my public directory, no rush of sensation, nothing. I turned to Lil to make some snotty remark, but her eyes were closed, her mouth lolling open, her breath coming in short huffs. Down the row, every castmember was in the same attitude of deep, mind-blown concentration. I pulled up a diagnostic HUD.

Nothing. No diagnostics. No HUD. I cold-rebooted.


I was offline.

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