Because we don’t already kick enough ass

As if the US military is not already the most powerful and technologically sophisticated in the world, we are now developing fully-electronic battle garbs that monitor the vital signs and location of each soldier. What will these cost, $25k a piece? 🙂

I guess the next step is to develop cybernetic implants for soliders, and then full-on robots to do our battles for us. These will be really useful when, ya’know, we have to fight off an alien invasion. (?!?!??)

When you sign up for the military, you basically sign all of the rights to your physical body away. The military can inject you with anything want, or perform any kind of tests they please. It’s not until you get out of the military can you sue the government for mistreatment. If biological or cybernetic modification of the human soldier becomes a regular practice in the future, will advocates stand to the cause, or will the military breed a new race of human beings? 🙂

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