Entertaining thoughts from a conspiracy nut

Look at this pic that was released today of the latest prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison. Notice the white chair in the lower left corner. Now – look at the chair Nicholas Berg is sitting in!! It’s the same chair!!

You gotta admit the video tape that shows a US citizen having his head removed is a little suspicious.

First, the timing of the release of this tape was perfect. The tape was released right in the middle of Congress’ hearing on the prison abuse issue–during a recess. If you saw Congress’ hearing, you would have seen the Senators return from lunch and rat-hole down the video tape issue for a long, long time. It took them a while to get back to the subject they were supposed to be addressing that day–the prisoner abuse scandal. Several of the Senators just wouldn’t let the beheading topic go; they wanted to talk about it for the rest of day it seemed.

Second, as this website above notices, Berg is sitting in the exact same style chair that is in the photos from the Abu Ghraib prison. Are white, stackable plastic lawn chairs the only kind of chairs people sit in in Iraq?

Third, why is Berg wearing the same kind of jumpsuit the military has been giving to prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison?

Fourth, why was the video released over the Internet? This doesn’t seem to fit the MO of terrorists. In the past they’ve always given this kind of stuff to Al Jazeer and they broadcast it over satellite TV.

Hmm. Well, maybe time will reveal what’s really happening over there in Iraq…

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