Kerry, the “real” war president?

It’s no secret that Bush has been trying to label himself as “the war president” (Economist, Apr 2004). However Kerry this week announced that, if elected, he will send an additional 40,000 troops to Iraq to fight the war (Bloomberg). Contrast this with claims I’ve heard on Air America Radio (I can’t find a reference, see below **) that Bush’s 2006 budget plan calls for a $900M+ budget cut to the Department of Veterans Affairs and closures of 11 VA hospitals, and you can’t help but wonder, who is the real war president?

When the military first gave their plans for invading Iraq, they presented a strategy that called for 300,000 – 400,000 ground troops. Bush asked they do it with 100,000, so they did. Grossly understaffed, Bush has since sent another 30-35,000 troops to Iraq and extended stays twice for many classes of troops (from what I’ve heard). There have also been numerous reports that thousands of foot soldiers are either lacking or have extremely poor equipment (Vietnam era flak jackets, “Inferior” flak jackets).

Kerry wants to add troops… Bush wants to cost-cut… Who’s the real war president here?

Sad times if you’re an anti-war demonstrator. Maybe Kerry really should draft Nader.. 🙂

** Yeah so I can’t find a reference for this. They claimed on the air that this was in “Bush’s 2006 proposed budget.” I can’t find anything in Google News about it. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Air America lied and lied the same way Fox News does.. Al “O’Franken” Franken probably had an “a ha!” one day when he realized “two can play this game!” 🙂 Hehehehe… If anyone finds a reference please let me know…

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