Dish Network Telemarketing

I’m on the federal do not call list, and I just got a telemarketing call from Dish Network. The conversation went something like:

Me: Hello
Dish: Hello may I speak with Mr. Derick?
Me: Who?
Dish: I need to speak with the head of the household or whoever owns this home.
Me: OK you’re speaking to him
Dish: Hi my name is xkjhdf and I’m calling on behalf of Dish Network and I’d like to offer you…
Me: Excuse me, but I’m on the federal do not call list.
Dish: Oh I’m sorry, I do not have that information. *click*

No good bye, no “have a nice day”… but I guess it’s a good thing that he ran away when I mentioned the do not call list.

I did a search on google for dish network do not call list and.. holy cow.. they were warned a lot in 2005 for violating the do not call rules. And here we are again in 2006 and they’re still at it. Maybe they consider the cost/risk of being fined less than the money they’ll make off of customers that don’t report them.

If you get telemarketed too and you’re in the do not call registery, please.. file a complaint with the FTC regarding a do not call violation.

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