How to lose your job in 10 days

How? Be a mid-level employee at a big company and then make statements at a public conference that become taken out of context to make dramatic headlines like, “War on Terror overblown according to Microsoft“. The article even has a picture of the twin towers on fire next to the word “Microsoft”. Wow, you can’t buy that kind of great publicity!

But it gets better: He also touches on kidnapping. Another great thing that I’m sure Microsoft wants to be associated with! Next time you think of 9/11 or child kidnappings, think Microsoft. I know I will now, al beit with a chuckle.

Microsoft has apparently gone so far as to censor the portion of the conference video where their employee made the remarks that resulted in this headline. My respect for Microsoft will go way up if they don’t further reprimand this guy, but in this State of Fear we live in I can’t imagine them letting it slide. I totally agree with his point of view 100% but you can’t make statements like that while you’re representing a major corporation.

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  1. Steve Riley is always the most popular speaker at any event – he’s brilliant, funny, and not afraid to say what he thinks. I adore the guy, because he’s not only great at what he does, he’s also a genuinely nice person who is easy to talk to and he’s very passionate about what he does.

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