Anytime Golf now $0.99

My game Anytime Golf is now only $0.99!

Although getting the word out about the game has been challenging (a lot more challenging than last year with my first iPhone game), folks who have found the game seem to have great things to say about it. Here’s a selection:

“A quality game of golf… cracking 3D graphics and realistic physics… hard not to recommend.”

“I am struck by the amazing 3D graphics that you see in this app, but this is more than just a beautiful game… The interface is easy to navigate and the game play is a load of fun… If you love golf you would be missing out big-time if you didn’t give Anytime Golf a try.”

“Great 3D graphics and excellent game play make this a very addictive app.”

“The holes are really well designed… The physics are superb… The graphics are among the best on the iPhone. A+” App Store reviewer

You can purchase Anytime Golf on the App Store here.

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