Coin solves a problem I have but not a problem I think I should have

“Coin” is a swipe/credit/reward card emulator that’s tied to your smartphone. You load it up with all of your cards so that presumably you only have to carry the Coin instead of a stack of plastic.

I want to love this device for its cleverness, but I hate that a device like this is even being considered as a viable product. It shouldn’t need to exist.

Take credit/debit cards: Do you really need to carry so many forms of payment? What’s wrong with just credit and debit? Or perhaps you should reject short-term loans completely, live within your means and go with just a single debit card?

Take rewards cards: Are you finally accepting rewards cards are here to stay? Do you ever question why a retailer needs a rewards card to track your identity when they already have your identity via the debit card you are about to pay with? Have you ever noticed that a lot of retailers have a “cheater card” under the counter that gives you the same discount you would get with your own? Have you noticed some will actually let you sign up for a new card every time you shop, holding everyone up in the line behind you while you fill out the form for the Nth time?

Yes, I’m that guy.

Thank you Coin for acknowledging what a sad state personal commerce is in.

Footnote: Coin reminded me of a struggle I had as a kid when I bought my first wallet: I’m about to spend money on something that will hold money. But it won’t hold all of my money, because I’ll just have spent some of it on the wallet. I’ll have more money if I turn around and don’t buy the thing to hold the money. But then I might lose my money if I don’t have something to keep it in. This went on for probably 15 minutes. I almost considered holding my money in a ziploc bag. I ended up buying the cheapest wallet I could find.

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