GUFT Notes

I went to a talk on GUFT a few weeks ago, I meant to post my notes online.. Here they are, a little late… 🙂

The talk was given by Zach Welch, the infamous Gentoo fork’er. GUFT is a component of the Open Lean project.

He’s making the assumption that there’s an army of developers out there willing to work on what they’re told. i don’t think open source works that way. i think people work on what they are motivated to work on, or what they need to work on for their own personal/corporate project.

Open source people may not realize this, but keeping projects from forking keeps a central authority with a vested interest tied to the project and driving it. would redhat linux be the enterprise level / reliable operating system it is today if redhat, inc didn’t think they could make some money creating it?

This is enforcement of policy through tools… that never works :/

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