Nokia announces N-Gage QD, I have my doubts

I feel sorry for Nokia, N-Gage really makes a crappy game device. The button lag and tiny screen (size, not resolution) just kills my enjoyment on many games. THPS on N-Gage is pretty darn good, but the N-Gage controls IMHO make it unplayable. Plus, I dunno if I’m just old or what (26), but the tiny screen makes me sick after 15 minutes of staring at it. What I like about my game Vector Blaster is that it’s not a game you have to hold 8 inches from your face to see all the detail, you can sit semi-comfortably with it at arms length and still discern what’s happening.

When I first played Tomb Raider on the N-Gage I wondered if Scandinavians were all cross-eyed and the tiny display on the N-Gage was the result of a poor marketing study that didn’t take into account the rest of the world, or anyone over the age of 17, or anyone that wore glasses, or was far-sided, or never expected to play games on a bumpy bus/subway/etc…

I was hoping the N-Gage QD would fix the button-lag and display size issues, I feel that’s 20x more important than MMC, 5-way d-pad, and side-talkin combined. Game play should be #1 if they’re gonna sell it as a game device. If QD sells, its gonna sell as a phone, not as a game device. Sad.

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