Pooh on your Disney

Get this: Disney takes Pooh, uses Pooh to make money. Original owner of Pooh sues Disney for royalities of said Pooh. Disney attempts to destroy documents that reveal the Pooh trail. Original owner of Pooh hires ex-convict to recover the Pooh trail documents from Disney’s garbage. Disney asks judge to dismiss case because the Pooh trail was uncovered by “unthinkable conduct.” Everyone now has pooh on their hands.

All your waveform are belong to us

Cool website with loads of music-oriented DSP source code snippets.

I’ve been getting a little into music DSP lately… I would love to make the full jump to Cubase SX but there aren’t any solid OS X compatible VST samplers out yet, so I’ve been looking into what it would take to write one. Wow. DSP is a huge field, I wish I had paid more attention in my college DSP courses… So far I’ve only been able to write a simple saw-tooth wave VST instrument, and it’s got terrible aliasing problems towards the upper-frequencies. I’m gonna look into this BLIT thing to see about removing the aliasing. Neat stuff.