Bigelow English Teatime

Water: 6oz Time: 3 min Milk: 2oz Verdict: Mild and pleasant, with an oak-like aftertaste. Very agreeable. Takes milk well, giving it a slightly creamier texture. Will definitely drink again.

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Trader Joe’s English Breakfast

Water: 6oz Time: 3min Milk: 2oz Verdict: Stale. Old. Bitter with very little flavor. Does not take milk well at all; texture becomes watery like an herbal tea. I would consider taking it back to the store had I not paid only $2 for it.

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Installing Ubuntu 9.10 desktop w/ software RAID + LVM

I have 4 hard drives in my system and I’ve been running them with RAID 1 pairs tied together using LVM. The first couple GB of each are set aside for /boot and swap space. I was running Debian and I wanted to try Ubuntu, but Ubuntu Desktop out-of-box doesn’t

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