Tuttuki Bako

Bandai recently announced the Tuttuki Bako, a game device where you stick your finger in it to play games. This concept supplied nearly an endless source of comedy for a coworker and I this morning. Here’s a few of the software titles we thought of they should make for the

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Physics/building game for iPhone

Keep your eyes peeled for Construction Zone, an engineering / problem solving game currently under development for iPhone by a friend of mine, Doug Beck. If you can’t wait for the iPhone version (or don’t have an iPhone) you can download a tech-demo for PC. Check it out!

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Using Google search results to compare candidates

Last year I posted an article titled “Use Google to factcheck Zeitgeist,” where I used search results to investigate the accuracy of statements in the movie Zeitgeist. My investigation was only partly serious–mostly tongue-in-cheek–but that didn’t stop somebody from taking it too seriously in the comments section: “looking up general

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