Hiragana tester

Link I put together a simple javascript application that drills you on Japanese Hiragana. At the moment it only supports 15 characters, which is about all I can handle at the moment. 🙂

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No more NTSC broadcasts in 2009

USA Today Warning: ranting ahead This is stupid. To allow the FCC to collect a bunch of money auctioning off the VHF/UHF airways the government has decided to obsolete NTSC televisions by 2009. This especially hurts people like me… I for one own an AWESOME NTSC Sony Trinitron Wega TV.

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Intel C++ Compiler for MacOS X?

When my new Pentium-based Mac comes in the mail, I want only one thing for it: The Intel C++ Compiler for MacOS X No, that link doesn’t go to the product page yet, but I can dream. Mmmmmmm… Intel’s compiler eats gcc for lunch on Intel CPUs. So what does

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Gameboy Advance programming

A buddy of mine (Shu) and I decided yesterday to get together for the day and see how much of a GBA game we could write in a day. It was a fun learning experience. Both of us came to the table complete noobs in the GBA homebrew space and

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Microsoft’s New Clone War?

Fool.com writes today about an interesting rumor: Microsoft may be considering opening up the door to allowing other companies to make their own xbox systems. This sounds like a great idea (for Microsoft), but in practice I just can’t see this working. OK, so it would be really cool if

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