Quintessential boingboing post spotted

If I were to boil the content of articles on boingboing.net down to just three things I would say they are: 1) Privacy rights advocacy (online and offline)2) Intellectual property rights reform advocacy (fair use and remixing)3) Cory Doctorow ego inflation (and self gratification) It’s not that often you see

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OK, I’m done with ebay… this time for good

I’ve had so many bad ebay experiences over the years I could write a book about them. I heard somewhere that “1 in 10” ebay transactions are fraudulent, but my ratio is closer to about 1 in 5. The last one I got hit with was a non paying bidder,

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Telecom Immunity

What would you say if the NSA came to you and said, “We want you to spy on your neighbors for us. Send us a transcript of everything they say.” You say, “isn’t that illegal?” They say, “congress is working on a bill that will make it legal in 2-3

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Netflix opts for Blu-ray high-def DVDs

That’s the title from an Associated Press article published today. So wait, did they opt for Blu-ray or High-Definition DVD? I can’t tell!?! Hehe.. OK, so I know what they meant by the headline, but come’on…

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