Apple product lock-in: cry me a river

Man! So many people are complaining about how the iPhone is locked to AT&T, and how Apple won’t let third-parties develop software for iPods, and wah-wah-wah… I’m tired of hearing about it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I love my iPod. It’s a great music player. I

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Don’t tase me bro!

Monday’s incident where a UF student was tasered and arrested for asking Senator Kerry some direct questions about the 2004 election has highlighted some serious issues we have in this society regarding how we deal with people that wish to speak their mind and provoke debate. Especially those who want

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Shameless website rip-off

A friend of mine who’s a web designer did the Corvallis Fall Festival website a few years back, and just discovered today the city of Liberty, Missouri shamelessly ripped off her design for the Liberty Fall Festival website. The sign up page even redirects you to the Corvallis Fall Festival

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