AMD launches website celebrating anti-trust victory over Intel

I’m not sure exactly why, but I find this disturbing. Never-mind poor sportsmanship. You just threw out all opportunity for an out-of-court settlement should the appeal not go in your favor. At the end of the day, do you think consumers really care? Processors aren’t like shoes or lead-based toys.

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Subversion woes

In the version control world, I’m a big fan of perforce. I first became a fan when I saw how fast it was–it can perform checkouts of gigabyte-sized repositories extremely fast. I also really liked the perforce workflow–changelists are the “normal” way of working. However I started to love perforce

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Anytime Golf: Magic Touch now available on the App Store

My game Anytime Golf: Magic Touch just went up for sale on the App Store. Marketing speak: Great golf anytime, anywhere! Stunning graphics: Enjoy highly detailed modeling displayed in smooth interactive 3D. You will agree–this is one of the best looking games on iPhone! Intuitive interface: Slide your finger down

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