Achieving work-work balance

Life-work balance always seems to be something that comes up in the games industry. Yesterday Kotaku put an article up about some former Insomniac developers that are setting up shop in China, promising to create a studio that supports a better lifestyle for the people that work there: “We want

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Skype to POTS to VOIP = poor sound quality

My Dad recently discovered Skype and has been calling around using their SkypeOut 2.1 cents/minute rate. When he called my VOIP number I was a little shocked how poor the sound quality was. It was like talking to someone through a tin can and string with 1500ms latency. Even though

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Component-oriented programming

I’ve come across a lot of cases lately where programmers have made poor use of inheritance. A common situation I’ve seen are classes inheriting from other classes to gain some small set of functionality which results in a lot of special case code in both the child and the parent

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