Cry me a river

Adobe scraps work to bring Flash apps to iPhone Good. I don’t want Flash on my iPhone or iPad. I like the web better without flashing ads, high CPU utilization and long page-loading times. Apple is doing the right thing.

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Captain’s Log: Stardate 4-03-10

This iPad app Captain’s Log turns your iPad into a StarTrek tablet. Awesome! Too bad you can’t download it anymore, Paramount Pictures forced the author to take it down. Folks, this is SLAPP in action. Write your representatives, tell them to support HR 4354.

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Anytime Golf on iPad: First Impressions and Video

Yes, first impressions.  I developed the game entirely in the simulator (and on Windows), but until today I had never played it on the actual hardware it was designed for. I pre-ordered an iPad but missed the April 3rd window… I thought I was going to have to wait until

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Movable Type FTW

That was almost too easy.  A few hours after I posted Blogger was shutting down FTP publishing, I started looking for blogging software that supported sqlite and importing from Blogger. No more than 20 minutes after I downloaded MT I had my entire blog imported from Blogger. This plugin connects

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Blogger shuts down FTP publishing

This may be my last post for a while. Blogger has announced they’re soon going to be shutting down FTP publishing. I knew this day would come. I always thought it was kinda ridiculous they allowed FTP publishing. It frequently breaks and it doesn’t generate them any revenue. I guess

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