spuxlc bug: __UnsupportedConditional…

I’m only posting this here because searching for “__UnsupportedConditionalExpressionDestruction” on the internets returns no useful hits… There appears to be a bug in the December 2006 spuxlc (the compiler that comes with Cell SDK 2.0) where it fails to link certain segments of code that have been compiled with optimizations

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Packet8 VOIP service from your computer

Hey hey.. I just figured out how to use my Packet8 service from my computer.. I wish I had done this a long time ago, there have been many occassions where it would have been nice to use my Packet8 service from my laptop. The key to getting it working

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Installing the latest Fedora Core 7 on PS3

Even though it appears to be the “official” linux for Playstation 3, Yellow Dog Linux on PS3 was a bit of a dissapointment.. everything is way out of date, and it turns out IBM is only supporting Fedora Core 6 at the moment for the Cell SDK. So if you

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