Using a Midisport MIDI device with Linux

This website has a description for how to get a Midisport 1×1/2×2/etc MIDI box going with Linux. But it’s old and outdated! Don’t click that link! 🙂 This package on Sourceforge is what you want! usb-midi-fw contains up to date firmware for Midisport devices. It appears to be semi-endorsed by

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Oregon’s pseudoephedrine law

Last year Oregon passed an anti-methamphetamine law that makes it illegal to sell drugs containing pseudoephedrine without a prescription. I’ve never had a new law effect me as directly and negatively as this one. I suffer from seasonal allergies (hay-fever in the Willamette Valley, pines and juniper in Central Oregon),

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Made in China

There’s been a lot of “made in China” problems lately. First there was the pet food recall which was later discovered to be caused by contaminated wheat gluten exported from China. Then there was the toothpaste recall where the FDA found several major brands of toothpaste that were made in

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Overscan on the Sony KD-34XBR970

My KD-34XBR970 shipped from the factory with a fair bit of overscan… about 10% of the picture on the left and right is cut off, and about 5% on the top and bottom. Sony customer care said they would be more than happy to fix it, but that requires moving

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