Citation spotted

We interrupt this blog for a moment of self-congratulation… I was checking google to see if anyone had made any links to a directory on my web server I was considering deleting, and I discovered a link to a lampoon article I wrote on the RIAA back in 2002, RIAA

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Don’t buy recycling code 7 products

You learn something new every day. While investigating Bisphenol A and trying to figure out what bottles I owned contained it, I came across an article on the seven resin identification codes (or “recycling codes”) put on the bottom of plastic containers. I had always assumed that if a container

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How do you define reentrant code?

I’ve found several places around the net where claims are made that Lua is reentrant, but I just found a case (on my platform at least) where Lua is not. I discovered a bug in our system where Lua was being preempted right in the middle of a number to

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Kinesis Freestyle is the best keyboard I’ve ever used

I’m going to “officially” endorse a product that I use, and love to use: The Kinesis Freestyle USB Keyboard is hands-down the best keyboard I’ve ever used. I’ve had the keyboard for about 6 months now and I’m 95% satisfied with it. There are two things I like most about

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