Protected whois?

Doesn’t this violate some IETF or InterNIC standard? I’m jealous! I want this ability for my domains. If I could be anonymous I’d register a bunch of wacky domains…

% whois -h

Registration Service Provided By:



Domain name-

DNS servers-

Created- 2001-10-25 16:33:38

Expires- 2003-10-25 16:33:38

Registrant Contact-

selling domains best (


pobox 5031

springfield, 22150


Administrative Contact-

Billing Contact-

Technical Contact-


Note: To help prevent malicious domain hijacking and domain

transfer errors, the registrar has protected the registrant

of this domain name registrant by locking it. Any attempted

transfers will be denied at the registry until the registrant

requests otherwise. The registrant for the name may unlock

the name at any time at the current registrar in order for

a transfer initiation to succeed.

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