KXJM (Jammin 95.5) Portland Feb 4, 2003 – Wed 4:45PM

I don’t normally listen to the radio, but I’m getting tired of my music collection. Today I tuned into Jammin 95.5 out of Portland on the way home from work. They were in the middle of a phone-in session about a teacher in California that wrote a story for the school newspaper about sex, who apparently made some sarcastic remarks that the school should have “sex rooms.” This, according to the DJ’s, was done sarcastically to make the point that excessive displays of effection weren’t appropriate for school. I noticed two things during their phone-in:

The DJs appeared to intentionally cut people off on the phone who expressed views against the DJ’s, and they gave more time to people that agreed. The phone-in session concluded with basically “sex in schools is bad, only abstinence should be taught”. OK, that’s fine. If they want to do that/say that that’s their business.

But that alone isn’t what I thought was blog-worthy. The funny thing is, their last caller was an 8th-grader who called in to say that she didn’t believe the teacher was right to talk about sex in the school newspaper and that it “might send kids the wrong message.”

They IMMEDIATELY followed this up with a comment from the DJ, “damn straight, schools should only teach abstinence” and then played a song by Ludicris where (I’ll leave the lyrics to your imagination) the content of the song is pretty much about gettin drunk and having sex with women with big behinds. 😉

Hmmm. So… school’s should teach abstinence and radio stations should teach sex and hypocracy? 🙂

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