LCD Update

LCD update: Sony SDM-S74/B is next…

My second try at getting an LCD will be the Sony SDM-S74/B from NewEgg. After the last fiasco with NewEgg I thought that they’d jumped the shark (did I mention that the hard drive I ordered showed up broken?) however their return process has been so painless they’ve won me back.

I called Sony and asked them about their LCD warranty. Sounds awesome. According to the Sony salesperson I spoke with on the phone, “Sony considers one dead pixel defective. Our special [MagicBright?] manufacturing process elliminates virtually all dead pixels. We test all of our monitors before they ship for dead pixels, so I’d be really surprised if you got an LCD from us with a dead pixel.” Plus, Sony has a 3 year warranty on all their displays. Sweeeeet. (I dunno if I believe the manufacturing process statement tho)…

I also considered getting a Samsung 710T LCD, as according to Toms Hardware it sounds like “the one to get”. I decided against the Samsung however because of their LCD warranty. Although it’s 3 years, the Samsung person I spoke with on the phone said they don’t consider a Samsung LCD defective until it has “5 or more dead pixels.” I tried desperately to find a Samsung LCD at a semi-local store, but couldn’t find a 710T within 50 miles. I figured if I bought one in a store I could just return it if it had dead pixels… oh well… My advice: Samsung LCDs sound top-notch, but don’t buy one online–buy one in a store with a no-questions-asked return policy.

I even considered an LG display, but I couldn’t get to a representative on the phone to talk about dead pixels with within 5 minutes so I gave up.

And I even considered a few monitors from other manufacturers, but I’m just sketched out by a one year warranty. You don’t buy LCDs–you rent them. They will fail evetually, as the backlights burnout. I’ve heard stories of LCDs failing after 13-14 months due to the backlight burning out and with a one year warranty you have no recourse.

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