McDonald’s Monopoly: Odds of winning

McDonald’s has posted online here the odds of winning for their latest Monopoly game. I can’t believe this is legal. They advertise that you could win a Dodge Viper, but the odds of winning that prize are… you ready? ** 1 in 17.8 billion ** So basically, no one is going to be winning that prize. I can’t believe that. I’ve never heard of a contest where the odds of winning were so unbelievably against you.

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  1. “Over a billion served per day” is their slogan. Also, how many times have you been to Mcdonalds and you get a few of those tags through multiple drinks, fries, etc. Therefore, each day there probably are a few billion game tags handed out. Therefore, it is not impossible to win that price

  2. Oddly enough my boyfriend and I have like 50 game pieces (from ordering and also given by other people who don’t want to play) and guess what, we’re missing 1 piece to each color on our board. We even got park place, so if we get boardwalk we win 1 million. Rumor is that they only print 1 boardwalk, but I don’t know if I believe that or not. Is this some fantastic hoax or is it possible?

  3. i think the the is a hoax. ive been playing for a while and ever since i got all the way around the board, i keep landing on the same spots. it sucks. you cant win this game.

  4. I agree.. I’ve been playing the online game and as soon as you land on all but one of each section you never land on anything again.. it’s all the same crap. Nobody wins. Seriously it’s ridiculous and not worth getting fat over… Ever wonder why they don’t put the pieces on their salads?? Because that’s all people would order! I know I would!

  5. Well if you remember, 3 years ago McDonald’s was found to have “fixed” the game, they were ordered by a court to award the $1 mill prize. In Ohio they awarded the prize by announcing that on a particular day they were going to randomly chose customers who walked into the store and they would win. The best people can hope for is free food or a small amount of money. You have better odds of getting hit by an airplane falling out of the sky, than winning a large prize. Plus the food will kill you!

  6. Oh and BTW, here are the number of pieces that are released for each missing color.Boardwalk: 3Penn. Ave.: 5Ventor Ave.: 5Kentucky Ave.: 30Tenn. Ave.: 50Virginia Ave.: 250Vermont Ave.: 250Short Line: 1,500Med. Ave.: 15,000

  7. I agree with kimmie that is a hoax because I’ve gone around the board several times and ALWAYS land on the same spaces. The dice is not random, even though that’s what we’re lead to believe. Where is the fun in a fixed game?

  8. its such a scam. I mean mcdonolds cant afford to dish out a few more 50 or 100 dollar pieces? I mean cmon. and just think about how many people are NOT playing the game and how many of the high dollar pieces are just tossed in the garbage? what a scam.

  9. it’s actually not “fixed” or a “hoax”. if you read the rules for the online game, the dice rolls are not random. the company that mcdonald’s hired for the promotion randomly picks a “winning time”. Once the clock hits that winning time, the first person to enter a valid code will land on one of those rare spaces on the gameboard. If all you want to do is complain about it, then don’t play. Everyone has an equal chance of winning. Read the fine print before you make assumptions.

  10. The online game also puts your name into a draw for $100,000 for every code you enter. If you consider that nobody is allowed to enter more than 10 codes per day, this most likely gives you the best odds of winning. All you have to do is enter 10 codes per day for the duration of the game to ensure that nobody else has better odds than you.

    Also, people are less likely to play online. Most people who actually get involved, just collect the peices. Again increasing your odds. I wonder what they actually calulate those odds to be?

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