The look of Dark Mirror

Wow, the press has some amazingly positive things to say about Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror.


“Dark Mirror is shaping up to be one of the better-looking PSP games we’ve seen”


“Visually, it’s fairly evident that the Bend team has been putting their all into making the game one of the prettiest PSP titles out there. From glances around various gaming message boards, there seems to be occasional moments of disbelief that this is a PSP game. Yeah, it looks that good.”


“…the game looks downright impressive. Dark mirror’s visual presentation rivals anything on the system. Here’s a perfect example of a portable game that blurs the line between console and handheld in terms of graphics.”

“In short, things are looking pretty damn good.”


“I can’t say enough about the interactive environments and amazing graphics, they really pushed the graphics to the limit on this game.”


“When it comes to graphics, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror easily surpasses all games on the system so far.”

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