Hot Buttered Rum

I had an excellent hot buttered rum at Astro Lounge in Bend the other night, and I’ve been obsessed with making the ultimate hot buttered rum ever since. Here’s the best I’ve got so far…

Start with a tall 8oz glass. Get the top of it wet and dip it in brown sugar. Add a shot of 151. Light the 151 on fire and, holding it a little sideways, rotate the glass for a bit until the sugar caramelizes. Blow out the 151 when you’re done. Be careful not to burn the sugar! Add 1 heaping tsp powedered sugar, 1 heaping tsp brown sugar, a hefty pinch of ground clove, a drop of bitters, the smallest pinch-of-a-pinch of salt and 1/2 tbsp butter. Top with ~6oz boiling water and stir until butter has completely melted. Once butter has melted add a splash of half-and-half.

For a richer flavor, only use enough 151 to caramelize the sugar and for the rest use Bacardi Select or a dark rum.

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