Combined address/search bar in web browsers

Sometimes there are “advancements” in computing that make me feel old.

I’ve been avoiding the combined address/search bar thing for some time, but the latest Safari update forced me to confront the issue.  I’ve been trying to use it for a few weeks now and I can’t get used to it. It makes me feel substantially less productive.  It’s one of these things where your brain is just wired to work a different way from the tool.
Entering a website address is apparently now considered a special case, a thing of the past.  Now you search for everything.  Searching is the common case.
My problem is, for me, entering a website address is the common case.  At work, I usually know exactly what address I want to hit.  Or if I want to search for something it’s on the corporate network–not google–so I’ll hit the intranet search server.
Now I have to remember to put a trailing slash on everything.  I’m typing an extra character in the common case.
Back in my day we used to type http:// in front of everything.  Sometimes we used to specify an alternative port!  Or even another protocol!  And we liked it!
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