Interview with Theivery Corporation about The Richest Man in Babylon

Listening to the new Thievery Corporation CD tonight it hit me that this is a very political album. I did a quick Google for “thievery corporation political statement,” to see if anyone else had reached the same conclusion as I had, and sure enough, one person who interviewed them came to the same conclusion last November. Above is the link.

“Music is just in the pleasure,” Eric explains. “One can’t help saying what’s on the mind. Our name and the title of the album are overtly political, but in no way are we making political statements. What is on our minds is on our minds and that is what we have to create from. We’re just two guys in a room, pleasing ourselves first and foremost enjoying the music for it’s own merit then thinking about sharing it with our audience.”

While thinking about the ancient city of Babylon in Iraq I also did some quick searches for pictures from the area and found this short photo gallery from one person’s trip there back in 1996. I especially like the “George Bush is a criminal” mosaic. 🙂

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